More FLCSW photos can be viewed at:  Frontier Photos.

Frontier Leos in Denton 2007
Frontier Leos in Lubbock

Frontier Leos in Oklahoma 2014

Frontier Leos at Austin 2015

Frontier Leos in Amarillo 2016




Patti, Nicole and Andy.  Kathy, D'Nae and Venture.

Lynn and Addie

Kathy and Tessa

Tyr von Stutensee, TippingPoint's Adventure, Bluebonnet's Joyful Goose A Laying Ziva, Bluebonnet's Joyful Maid A Milking Hulda, Bluebonnet's Notorious Wilma, Bluebonnet's Notorious Juuso, and Kusti.  With their humans Liz Brandt, D'Nae Wilson, Wendy Jones, and Tarja Ackrell